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Targets and Plans of the Company

for the Year 1391 (21/Mar/2012- 20/Mar/2013)


  • Determining the implementing strategy at the holding and affiliated companies,
  • Modifying and improving the organizational structure and manpower with the approach of growing and developing activities,
  • Considering material, intellectual and training needs of human resources,
  • Investing in the field of production and services activities (up to 50 billion Rials),
  • Applying suitable software in the holding level to establish integrated reporting system,
  • Taking required measures to reduce the effects of global sanctions,
  • Acquiring new profit approved by the general assembly of the company,
  • Considering and emphasizing on the quality of services and products to achieve the satisfaction of the customers,
  • Developing the market and increasing the income share of the company out of the scope of Khouzestan Steel Company up to 40% of the income,

  • Developing the activities of the rail, road and marine transportation companies,
  • Constructing wagon repairs workshop in Khouzestan,
Industry and Mine
  • Developing operational scope within the Stock Exchange and Over-the-Counter (OTC),
  • Stabilizing the broker’s position among the top ten Iranian brokers,

Research and Development
  • Defining and implementing research projects with the cooperation of reliable universities in the fields relevant to the holding activities,
General and Special Steel Contracting
  • Obtaining suitable ranking to offer contracting and consulting engineers services,

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